How can restaurants fight the effects of COVID-19?

How can restaurants fight the effects of COVID-19?

Apr 24, 2020Jheel Parekh

Today everyone, and we mean every single person on this planet, is concerned and shaken by this pandemic called COVID-19. While research goes on about how people are combating it, and many countries are following said protocols laid by their government, in order to curb the growth - it is a worry for many industries to start their work, increase their revenue and one such industry is that of the food business.

While many theories are floating around about how one can stop the growth, how they can be confident that customers can walk in to their restaurants without worrying about catching the infection and so on - the most obvious, effective and tried and tested ones are listed below:

Washing your hands more frequently than ever - Whether you are a part of the restaurant kitchen, or the ground staff serving customers or even the person who is picking up groceries - you need to wash you hands frequently, for a minimum of 15 seconds and maximum of 30 seconds. You can rinse your hands for 5 seconds, apply soap and scrub for 15 seconds, including fingers, and then go on to rinse for another 5 seconds.


Handwashing for food packaging

Investing in an app to answer health questions - Now this may sound a rarity, but if every restaurant can invest in an app and answer to all customer queries - it will not only bring in a sense of confidence but it will also educate the customers about the existing situation. Restaurants can offer virtual health advice mainly from nursing and health care professionals.

Scanning apps for food packaging

Scan for harmful germs - Investing in a good germ scanner is the need of the hour. While washing hands can kill germs it is important to cross check whether or not bacteria are dead. And this is possible only through a germ scanner.


Scanning for germs for food packaging

Hygiene training - Appropriate training in hygiene and sanitisation will go a long way in maintaining cleanliness and keeping any form of infection at bay.

Masks used during food packaging

Single-use packaging - Packaging of food plays a very important role in maintaining food, delivering food and even storing food. One can order single-use food packaging boxes online only at

Single use food boxes

Having said all of the above, restaurants need to have set plans and standards in place - to gain customer confidence and to keep them coming in.

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