Why investing in festive packaging is beneficial for you

Why investing in festive packaging is beneficial for you

Jun 08, 2020Jheel Parekh

If you visit our site during the festive season or few months before the onset of the season you will see a noticeable visual shift. Our designs have brighter tones, our otherwise corporate gifting boxes which have mellow professional tones are replaced by rich and bold colour palette with a variety of quirky and happy messages and so on.

The countdown to festive season is perhaps the most commercially beneficial period for retailers to boost sales. It is also marks an important time for small and growing business units to establish themselves, to make themselves available to shoppers - who may not even recognise them by their names. So how is festive packaging going to bring forth a change? Read on.

Understanding the pulse of the market

During the festive season, customers are usually bombarded with a wide variety of choices, be it during their online browsing sessions or when they step into a store. The choices that they have is almost overwhelming for them to make an immediate decision. So what happens next? Once you realise that your shelf appeal is not valuable enough to make that initial connect with potential customers you opt for the next tactical thing to do - you opt for creative packaging. 

Shelf packaging

If you recall, Toblerone introduced this special edition Ho Ho Ho package during the Christmas and Easter season of 2004-2009. As per the reports - the chocolate company saw the chocolate sales rise by 400%!  Post this, many brands started including festive elements into their packaging  thereby adding value to packaging by allowing consumers to connect with the package emotionally as well as adding a touch of uniqueness and luxury.

In India, festive season runs throughout major part of the year and festivals are also known to be the time of giving. Hence, creating a few premium looking festive packaging is enough to encourage consumers to opt for gift purchases. During festivals, people also want something new yet unseen in the market. Making changes to packaging during certain intervals of the year helps keep the design unique and new and is also a good way to increase sales and stay known in consumers mind!

Cost consideration of festive packaging

In India, given the variety of festivals people celebrate throughout the year, a lot of industries especially food and beverage can adapt to new packaging designs. It would only make commercial sense if newer elements are introduced in festive packaging during major festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, Eid and Dussera. This might even be applicable for other industries such as health and beauty and such like. It is important for brands to consider which event or which holiday they most wish to be associated with. While they can capitalise on packaging for all leading festivals, some festivals may be more relevant than other when it comes to specific industries.

Gift Box for festivals

Some industries can also choose to support a cause or event and they can do through brand packaging. For instance Skittles - they showed their support towards the LGBTQ+ community by giving up its signature rainbow by removing the iconic colourful branding to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and highlight that during Pride, only #OneRainbow matters.

For growing business units, investing on a new packaging design can be a very expensive affair hence it is imperative for these businesses to think about the significance of the event as well as the potential benefits of introducing newer designs. For consumers though, any packaging design that is reusable or customisable is the most useful packaging that they are likely to opt for.

Brands should certainly engage with making packaging more interesting but having said that, no-one wants a large stock to be left over and then selling them at unsaid prices once the festival is over.

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