Celebrating 5 different kinds of Indian fathers and the best gifts

Celebrating 5 different kinds of Indian fathers and the best gifts

Jun 20, 2020Jheel Parekh

Every year fathers day is celebrated always on the third Sunday of June  and while not enough is mentioned about fathers in general - we thought of doing something different this time, while of course keeping the gifting options in mind! This time around, we have listed out 5 different kinds of fathers of the Indian society and if you think we have missed out on more, please feel free to add those in the comments section.

Father's Day Gift

1. The Story-Teller Father - Well, we all have had or known of that one father who has these really long stories to tell either about his childhood or about his love or about his goals in life. The objective being - all kids learn from the struggle and implement those paths in their own lives.

Gifts to be given: A pen in a customised gift box with his name in imprinted on top

2. The Achiever Father - he is forever supportive of your dreams but also often paranoid about your future. Since he wants you to achieve your dreams he keeps himself highly disciplined so you learn a thing or two from him.

Gifts to be given: A planner, a book in a customised gift bag

3. The Sanskari Father - He is the one who puts his family first then everything else. Culture, rules, regulations are all his pillars and he will ensure you follow them the same way that he does.

Gifts to be given: A hamper box filled with meditation items such as candles, incense sticks and more

4. The Savage Father - He is the one who wouldn’t care about what the society says about his kids, but he sure has a come back for everything that the kid says to him!

Gifts to be given: A wine in a wine bag along with a box of chocolates

5. The Adventurer Father - Now he is the one who takes you for treks, those adventures at higher altitudes - making you sleep in tents and pushing you despite your issues of feet soreness and tiredness!

Gifts to be given: Trekking shoes in the customised shoe box

Father's Day Custom Gift Box

The above are just some of the quirky association we have with our fathers, feel free to add in more!

So what are you gifting for your father on this Father’s Day? Let us know. For all kinds of customised gift packaging options please log on to www.schmancy.in today.

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