Packaging for children - what goes into it!

Packaging for children - what goes into it!

Jun 24, 2020Jheel Parekh

Designing packaging for children is a tricky task, isn’t it? For a manufacturer it is an unusual market, because rarely is the child making a purchase. Right? So what is it that the manufacturer looks at while making packaging for children? Why is packaging of goods for children considered to be one of the most difficult form of packaging? Is it even intelligent packaging if the kid knows what is inside the box? Let’s find the answers here.

More often than not, children take to fancy products they see on the shelves - something that is dreaded by many parents, but for the manufacturer that is the dream come true! Although it is the parents who are making the purchase here, it is the child who is the primary target - child pesters the parents into purchasing the product for them - which ideally means attracting a child’s attention is the first goal of packaging.


Gifts for kids


Not functionality but the design

When it comes to packaging of gift boxes for children - the design and colour plays more important a role than functionality of the box. What the box needs to do is trigger an immediate emotional response in the child, allowing the child to associate with the product and this is exactly what will stimulate the purchase.

How does one achieve the engagement of the child?

Interactive packaging is the key. The more interactive your box is the more engaging it is for the child. Throw in the bright colours which will make it stand out from other products on the shelf. Any packaging that has bright colours and the image of the product on the box, has already caught the child's attention. Furthermore, you can link popular fictional or cartoon characters or even a puzzle and drawing on the box - to increase the usability of the box! Children tend to keep those boxes with their favourite inspiring characters beside them for a long time as they find it irresistible to let those characters go.

Packaging for children


Point of sales with parents

Given the fact that it is the parent who will eventually make the purchase - it is important to know that the parent will look for functionality over the cosmetic appearance of the box. Also, the packaging needs to show the value of the product to the parent as something that will benefit the child. Across the globe, parents also wish to see the life of the product and they tend to make higher value purchases only if the product life is longer and truly beneficial for the child. Drawings, usability, reviews and such like can be added to the box for the parent to validate and purchase the product.

In order to sell packaging for children one needs to keep the box imaginary, visually appealing, captivating designs and also an offering for the parent. As a maker and manufacturer of boxes, one can find it challenging to create these boxes but if all the above points are considered, then the opportunity will become exciting and functional at the same time.

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