5 ways how customised gift boxes can spread happiness

5 ways how customised gift boxes can spread happiness

Jun 01, 2020Jheel Parekh

Gifting is a sign of happiness, of celebration, of occasion.  Gifting is also often known as an art of spreading happiness in form of exchanging heartfelt messages. So what is the role of gifting in human lives? How does it make one so happy? What is the big noise about customised gift boxes? While gifting is sure to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones, this act will become more special if it is a customised one! Before we move on to the details of personalised gifting, did you know that personalised gifts sell for an average of 40% more than the standard non-customised gifts? 

Custom gifting options

Read on to know why the art of customised gifting spreads happiness and how it brings a smile on the face of the recipient of the gift box.


  1. Makes the person feel special -  When a person receives a personalised gift, undoubtedly he or she feels euphoric, elated and happily surprised. The thought of having their favourite gift packed in a box which has personal messaging written is one of the most personal, and a definite way to spread happiness. The gift box could have anything - from a pen, a book, a jewellery box with a personal note on it in form of a tag!
  2. Perfect for any occasion - For personalised gifting, one doesn’t need any special occasion! Whether it is a birthday, a wedding, a celebration or just a moment of saying something in form of gratitude - customised gift boxes make it to the list of every occasion. And one doesn’t need any occasion to spread happiness, isn’t it!
  3. Creating memories for a lifetime - A personalised gift box is often adorned with precious pictures or personal messaging that allows people to relive memories that once made them smile! There is a unique sense of belongingness with personalised gifts and they are bound to create memories for a lifetime. We have seen families where the kids are away from their folks for studies, or where one spouse is away from the other due to work and so on…that is when these personalised gifts create memories, that last a lifetime of happiness!
  4. Exclusiveness - The thing with personalised gifts is, they are exclusive, one of a kind and definitely not available in the market. This not only makes the gift exclusive but even the recipient of the gift feels very special and loved! Now isn’t that a lovely gesture to own?
  5. Thoughtfulness - We have often heard that it is the thought that counts. And when it comes to gifts - the customised gifts show the recipient that their loved one was thinking about them. Not only did their loved ones choose the best gift, but they also went that extra mile to customise it, to adorn it and to make it special.

Personalised gift boxes

So how many of you have stressed about finding that perfect gift for the many celebrations that we have throughout the year? Your stress buster is custom personalised gift as it will suit every occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday, a baby shower, a graduation a promotion and all things that are happy! Opt for customised gift boxes today only at www.schmancy.in!


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