What is GSM paper?   Which GSM best suits bakery boxes?

What is GSM paper? Which GSM best suits bakery boxes?

Apr 29, 2021Jheel Parekh

We have had multiple enquiries asking what is the GSM of the paper that we use to manufacture our bakery boxes. While, we give out the precise number and close the query for that minute, here lets dive deep into the GSM of the paper we use, the advantages of the paper and more importantly - what is GSM.

While GSM is very important term when it comes to the paper industry, it is often confused with thickness of paper. GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter, which means if you were to weigh a sheet of paper with a sheet size of 1-metre x 1-metre, (irrespective of its thickness) the total weight of that sheet in grams would equal the GSM value of that paper.

It gets difficult and sometimes inaccurate to measure the weight of parent size sheets as they are large in size. Hence, GSM is the standard unit of measurement. While many people say that the higher the GSM, the better the quality - that is not true! One cannot judge the quality of paper by GSM. Have a look below at the different kinds of GSM paper available in the market and what are they apt for. 

Different Kinds of GSM Paper Types

35-55 GSM: This is the lightest type of paper, which ranges from translucent tracing paper to butter papers to even newsprint.

75-80 GSM: Notebooks, sketchpads and the most popular paper weight is this range of GSM.

90-100 GSM: This is most popular for correspondence, printer paper, executive documents, presentations and more.

120 GSM: If you’re thinking movie posters, flyers, leaflets and menu then this is the GSM you ought to opt for!

210 - 250 GSM: This thick paper is stiff yet bendable - making for perfect wedding cards, invitations cards and such like. This box is popular even with the food and gifting industry.

300 GSM: Apt for bakers, take-away owners and dry food sellers, the 300 GSM boxes are sturdy and come with glossy and matte finish, making it apt for branding purposes.

350-450 GSM: Stiff and sturdy, this is the sturdiest paper which is largely used for business cards.


At Schmancy, all our bakery boxes are made from 300 GSM ITC Board paper only. Click here to know more.

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