Rigid Boxes for Gifting & Storage Purposes

Rigid Boxes for Gifting & Storage Purposes

Apr 19, 2021Jheel Parekh

Scenario 1: You are looking to narrow down on packaging solution for your product.

Next cut: You are offered a range of solutions, leaving you overwhelmed to find the best option.

Result: Confusion. Errors and wrong packaging is then selected by you.

In order to avoid this, what do you do? You first break down the nature of your product, read on to know how to do that! Firstly ask yourself - is it a product that requires economical packaging or something between premium or luxury? Once you narrow down on this, your decision making becomes a bit easier. Right?

Today, lets talk about luxury packaging for a luxury item. A lot of people walk into our manufacturing unit, asking us if we do magnetic boxes, rigid boxes and such like for their luxury products - it could be to store or sell jewellery, it could be candles, it could be electronics and more. Many a times, while the product isn’t luxurious in itself, some customers wish to create an experience that screams luxury and nothing less! And, the best way to go about offering this experience is with rigid boxes for luxury and retail packaging. More often than not, rigid boxes with textured paper is the only way to compliment your products, as these boxes give a premium unboxing experience, amplifying the appeal of your products.

Luxury Rigid Boxes are apt for Retail Packaging

If there is any form of packaging that acts as a marketing tool for the product, then rigid boxes it is! Made from premium quality material, these rigid boxes also offer high-quality inserts, allowing a snug fit for your product. They are supremely sturdy and have defined lines and cuts. Many high-end brands use rigid boxes; Louis Vuitton,  Swarovski, Chanel and the list is endless! So whether you are a manufacturer of gadgets, jewellery maker, chocolate maker or even a high-end fashion accessory seller - rigid boxes is the only way to win your customers heart, enjoy customer satisfaction and in turn increase your sales!


Various Kinds of Rigid Boxes available at Schmancy Pack

Rigid Boxes with lid:

Now, the most easiest way to store shoes, apparel, jewellery and other accessories is through the rigid boxes with lids! Not only are these boxes sturdy, they come with easy opening and closing, allowing you to store almost anything. Most of our customers also prefer these boxes as they are reusable and often make for storage boxes.

Rigid Boxes with drawers:

Now these rigid boxes with drawers are the ones that are sure to enhance the appeal of the product inside. While they look very premium, they also come with easy opening and closing…allowing you to reuse these boxes multiple times.

Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes

Jewellery makers? This box is calling you first! Well, these boxes come with secure magnetic closing, allowing a secure placing of the product inside. What’s more? The ample real-estate around the box will allow you to get your branding done the right way! Doing complete justice to your product inside, these magnetic closure rigid boxes are a must-have for all packaging lovers.

Choosing a packaging solution can be a tough decision, but rigid box packaging can always be the solution. Be it to protect retail products inside or to simply flaunt the exteriors with branding, rigid boxes are the perfect packaging solution for retail sellers and brands alike.

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