Different Types of Packaging Boxes

Different Types of Packaging Boxes

Mar 23, 2021Jheel Parekh

Much has been spoken about packaging boxes, be it corrugated boxes or retail boxes. Everyone talks about packaging, how well they package their product, how much they invest in packaging...so on and so forth. But how does one decide which is the best material to pack your product? While glass products require different form of packaging, something more light, like say cushions, need something else altogether! Companies such as Apple, Dyson and such like - emphasise on packaging purely for the reason of branding. Anyone who owns these products, know fully well, that they have laid their hands on something that is elite, elegant and irreplaceable. For these companies, packaging is more of a statement. Now, let us take a look at the various kind of packaging options that one can choose from to protect your product while enhancing customer experience. 

Paperboard Boxes

PaperBoard Boxes

The only kind of boxes that can be moulded, bleached and cut to perfection is made from paperboard. Paperboard is a general term that is descriptive of products which are 0.30 millimetre or more in thickness, and are made from fibrous materials including wood pulp, straw, wastepaper, or a combination of these materials. Paperboard packaging is currently used by many industries such as cosmetic, food and beverage, apparel and shoe and so on. The reason being it's flexibility and adaption to different kinds of prints on top. 


3-Ply Boxes

Corrugated Boxes Online

Cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes or 3-ply boxes - are made from resilient material, a factor that is mainly considered by companies for shipping their product overseas. These 3-ply boxes can be reused and recycled multiple times. Most of the food and beverage companies use these boxes as pizza delivery boxes, and other retail companies too use them to store their products such as apparel and shoes. Their property of sturdiness and durability allows most of the companies to use these boxes as shipping boxes.

Aseptic Carton Boxes

These boxes are made from multi-layer packaging that combines layers of plastic, paper and metal even, to make boxes that can store soups, juices, milks and more. The advantage of this kind of packaging is that, due to multi-layers of packaging, the food and contents inside the box do not get spoilt. This very fact is the reason why many beverage selling companies opt for this packaging, despite these boxes being non-recyclable.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid Gift Boxes

Rigid boxes are one of the most sought after packaging boxes, especially by leading electronic and retail brands for selling their product. Made from thick condensed paperboard, these boxes are one of the most expensive box styles. These boxes also beautifully highlight embossing, compartments and other customisation requirement - making them a favourite amongst high-end luxury brands.

Plastic boxes

Extremely durable and highly-cost effective plastic has been replacing a large number of traditional materials including wood, glass, ceramic, leather and more! The major disadvantage being - very few kinds of plastic are recyclable and the ones that can be recycled take a lot more energy! While plastic is flexible and lightweight, most plastics are known to create contamination issue especially when it comes to food packaging in plastic.

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