Food-Grade Packaging and Food-Safety

Food-Grade Packaging and Food-Safety

May 06, 2021Jheel Parekh

Food-safe boxes is sometimes very loosely used term in the food industry, especially in India. The demand for packaging in the Indian food sector is driven largely by design and quality, changing consumption pattern and of course convenience in terms of pricing. Although the government does emphasise on abiding by certain standards in-order to claim that the ‘food-safety’ stamp…it is more often than not a term that many manufacturers and suppliers use, in order to sell their products. So what is a food-grade box? It is simple - food grade boxes simply mean - boxes or packaging containers that are used to store food (are in direct contact with the food) need to be made from suitable and food-safe material that does not contaminate the food or alter the organoleptic properties of the food that it holds. Additionally, with modern trade and regulations there is additional demand of parameters to be included in food-safe boxes such as - the type of fibre, inks that indicate shelf-life, process of recycling and so on.

Food-Safe Wok Boxes

In case the packaging is made from non-suitable material (in this case - non-food grade material), there is a possibility for that material to make the food unsafe for consumption. We at Schmancy Pack, ensure that we supply and manufacture a wide range of food-grade packaging boxes that are ready to use!

In todays time and age, there is an increased focus on good health and hygiene, and influencers are promoting readily available packaging solutions which are sure to hold and protect your food. While plastic is a much more affordable option, influencers are throwing in the idea of the impact plastic has on food in the long run and on the planet at large. Food-safe non-plastic boxes on the other hand, might have limited design option, but finding a sensible food-safe packaging solution can make a massive difference! At Schmancy, our range of boxes are made from certified ITC food-grade board material only.

The advantages of using food-grade certified boxes are aplenty, few listed below:

  • With every single-use, you are ensuring complete hygiene
  • You are protecting food from contamination
  • Improving the presentation of food, thereby improving sales
  • Protecting the environment, as most of these board are made from renewable and recyclable material.

Bagasse Packaging

So the next time you opt for food-safe boxes think about what you wish to store and what is the impact you are leaving behind with the environment and otherwise. To read our other blogs on packaging please click here.

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