Gift Cards and Envelopes - Arrives at Schmancy!

Gift Cards and Envelopes - Arrives at Schmancy!

May 31, 2021Jheel Parekh

Wrapping those special cards in a beautiful envelope that comes with a heart clasp - enough said - is sure to win hearts. Drifting slightly from cake boxes, (not much) but bringing back a personal message on these boxes, through the beautiful envelopes can help create a magical moment. A very special moment.

Envelopes and Gift Cards

If you are not new to Schmancy, you will know that this creation is something new. The heart clasp gift cards and envelopes come in various bright colours, solid pastels and printed shades as well. Purpose? Well, if you are not much into surprising people with personalised messages, guess what? These envelopes are made to hold single cookies too! So in case you wish to get creative, in a subtle yet obvious manner, you can place those single cookies in our unique envelopes and place them in our cookie boxes or brownie boxes. Result - extremely appealing, food-safe cookie boxes with unique and thought through packaging solution.

Flat in its nature, and no adhesive needed to paste the edges, these gift cards are sure to attract the heart of your customers.  What’s more? These attractive and bright envelopes offer your contents with unbeatable protection. Store in some money, give your personalised handwritten note in them or simply store a cookie - you will be showering love in various forms through these gift cards and envelopes.

A secret tip: Few of our customers have pasted these envelopes along with their cake boxes, allowing the cake recipient to add his/her secret message!  You too can place an order for these gift card envelopes by clicking here.


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