Korean Bento Boxes - The Big Noise!

Korean Bento Boxes - The Big Noise!

Jun 24, 2021Jheel Parekh

We have all heard of Bento Boxes making a wave on social media, right? For those who have not yet heard of these boxes - these are mini lunch boxes or mini cake boxes, popularised in Korea and were made visible through Korean Dramas, which are also known as #Kdrama in the popular world of Instagram! And since, the Hallyu (Korean) wave is going strong in India, it is no surprise that these boxes are popular among the baking community.

Bento Cake Box

So why the name Bento? And why so mini, you ask? Well, to begin with Bento means convenience in Japanese and in Japan, Bento boxes are often synonymous to single portion meal. Naturally then, owing to the quantity, the boxes are small or mini. Also, since we are talking about the Japanese here, it is their immaculate ability to master the art of packaging their meal, without wasting any edge of the box - with no exceptions made for a super tight meal box in either square or rectangle shape. 

It is also not a surprise that the baking community has picked this packaging box and associated it with mini cake boxes. Not to forget, mini cakes are again extremely popular in Korean cafes and the mini portion/ single portion of the cake also allows for quick take-away, making this box popular with the take-away joints too. 

Some of the reasons why some of our customers like Bento Cake/lunch Boxes are:

“I wanted to bake single portion cakes, which look whole yet are small and give them to kids in my street who otherwise do no believe in sharing” - Sheila Shastri, Chennai

“Bento boxes were perfect for my small family of 4 where my parents and diabetic and my sibling and I had our own boxes for celebration!” - Raveen Oberoi, MP

“During the pandemic, the only way to shower your love in a sensible way is to pack food in these mini lunch boxes, which ensures the proportion is intact while not overfeeding anyone” - Shipra Daga, Jaipur

Keeping the one too many reasons in mind and going with the wave of Bento boxes, we at Schmancy have listed our Korean Bento box collection here. Hope you like using them, just as much as our other customers did! 

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