Guldasta Collection - Floral Range Of Boxes

Guldasta Collection - Floral Range Of Boxes

Jul 30, 2021Jheel Parekh




bouquet is a bunch of flowers arranged in an attractive way.

...a bouquet of red roses.


Our latest launch, our Guldasta Collection is in the truest sense our guladastā/.  Why guldasta you ask? Well, floral has always been our first love. Be it our floral boxes, or our floral Kraft collection - these boxes have managed to find love among our customers as well. Unlike a lot of floral designs that one would see in the market, our Guldasta collection has the perfect mix of colour, balance, harmony, emphasis and of course love.

Floral Box Collection

Why do consumers prefer floral?

As per research, any colour that is soothing to human eye is a colour that one wants. It immediately captures their attention, so much so that they wish to own them. These colours include blue, purple, pastels and whites. It is usually the world of creative artists who prefer such subtle yet statement making colours.

Reasons why our Guldasta collection is loved by all:

Captures emotion: Guldasta collection is sure to capture emotions and feelings that could be whimsical, romantic or dramatic even. The collection that comes with vibrant hues can be perfect for placing your fruit cakes, fondant cakes and so much more!

Add brightness: Have you ever wondered how some boxes and packaging can simply brighten even a plain vanilla cake? Well, our Guldasta collection which comes in various prints including vintage lily or powder pink blossom - are sure to brighten up or lift any mood.

Trending: Floral designs are trending in every consumer product - be it furniture, fabrics or even jewellery! So what is stopping you from packing your products in this trending collection?

Spread happiness: Oh boy, floral sure sets a vibrant & happy mood wherever they are placed. Gone are the days when customer wanted mundane colours or set an aesthetically right tone - now all they want is bright tones, vibrant hues and colours that spread happiness. This can be rightly done with the Guldasta or floral collection only.

If you wish to see how beautiful our collection is please click here and if you want to read our other blogs on packaging, click here.

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