8 Reasons Why Corrugated Boxes Should Be Used For Packaging

8 Reasons Why Corrugated Boxes Should Be Used For Packaging

Aug 04, 2021Jheel Parekh

Did you know?  ‘Corrugated cardboard packagings are the most environmentally friendly solutions on the market, due to their biodegradable and non-toxic properties.’

Well, yes and there are many other advantages over and above this fact that corrugated boxes are now the most commonly and widely used packaging option. So lets read about the other advantages that come with corrugated boxes:

Corrugated Boxes

  1. Flexible - Corrugated boxes are extremely flexible - they come with multiple layers to suit your need and for increased protection of the product stored inside.
  2. Protects - The corrugated material is super sturdy - allows for extreme protection of the product. While corrugated material by nature keep moisture away, none of the other cardboard materials can do the same.
  3. Transport - Owing to the sturdy nature of these boxes and given that they protect the product for long time, these boxes are apt for transportation of goods. One can make corrugated boxes in every size - small or big. So if you have a even a one inch product to ship, corrugated box packaging can be your go to option.
  4. Recyclable - The most eco-friendly solution for packaging are corrugated boxes. They have non-toxic properties and are bio-degradable in nature, allowing these boxes for easy recycling.
  5. Lightweight - Given that these boxes are apt for transport, one of the most economical reason for shipping is that these boxes are light in weight! Imagine transporting a heavy product along with increasing your shipping charge for the box - a big no, right? Corrugated boxes are the only shipping boxes that are light weight and one does not need to worry about the wear and tear.
  6. Inexpensive - One of the most inexpensive and economical packaging option that one has is corrugated boxes. These boxes do not require any heavy-duty tool to be manufactured and do not require any labor as well.
  7. More packaging sizes - Be it a 1 inch box or a 50 inch box, corrugated material can be made and moulded into any size that one needs. Its flexibility option allows for multiple size manufacturing.
  8. Print Quality & Branding - While many packaging materials let the colour bleed or even change once printed, corrugated boxes are true to the colours. They are able to withstand any ink colour and do not cause them to change and this allows for excellent and accurate branding option. Also, since packaging for corrugated boxes come with neat folds - branding becomes a breeze!

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