We Design Your Mood - Packaging for Desserts

We Design Your Mood - Packaging for Desserts

Sep 15, 2018Jheel Parekh

A good dessert is vital for your soul, it nourishes your body and brings people together like nothing else. We like to call this occasion as #moodforgoodfood. Desserts can range from Indian mithai to French macarons, cupcakes with frosting or layered cakes…the food is something that you decide upon. What we work best is upon mood. And this mood can be created on occasion and of course budget. Schmancy specialises in developing innovative and functional dessert boxes, keeping the environment in mind.

The dessert boxes include cake boxes, cupcake boxes, macaron boxes, chocolate boxes, brownie boxes and mithai (Indian sweets) boxes. These boxes are designed to add functionality and modern form to carry the boxes with ease. Schmancy products differentiate themselves with a convenient box opening, which is easy to store with optimal stackability and elegant look and feel.

Why choose Schmancy?

  • Consumer Driven: Our collection is designed by our in-house design specialists to meet the needs and trends which are relevant to our customers. Besides, our designs are unique to each customer and colour coordinated. It is very easy to work with Schmancy collection, as we offer options for all desserts with budgets and customisation.
  • Proven Partner:  Until date, Schmancy has offered its products to over 2000 customers. We bring in years of experience in materials, design and consumer trends. Since we manufacture all our products we offer you with a one-stop-shop solution for complete branding and customisation needs.
  • Eco-friendly Material: The demand for choosing eco-conscious material over the rest has increased significantly over the years. To help consumers meet this, and as a part of our zero-carbon footprint mission, we provide top-quality eco-conscious material for all occasions. These meet with the food and safety standards, creating consumer confidence in buying them.
  • Online Expertise: Our online presence makes shopping easy, available and quick to understand. It also helps stimulate impulse buy and reflects in-depth knowledge on this category. As we have boxes for every occasion and every dessert, we can help create the #wowfactor around all these products, thereby increasing the incremental sales.

Latest Trends for Packaging Dessert Boxes

This year is all about innovative thinking, growing desire for amazing yet unique designs, environmental concern and authenticity. Dessert packaging demands a unique kind of respect. Unique in colour, design and perfect to suit the shape. Reflecting this, Schmancy dessert boxes unites a rich sense of design, colour and shape which sets the stage for an exclusive dessert binging experience.

Schmancy is available to you, since we are just a click away and even a phone call away. You can browse through our dessert boxes and more on www.schmancy.in. And if you want some customisation then drop in an email to info@schmancy.in. Alternatively, lets chat on 91138 49088.

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