Custom Packaging : A mandate for those who wish to be ‘economically unique’

Custom Packaging : A mandate for those who wish to be ‘economically unique’

Dec 26, 2018Jheel Parekh

Custom Packaging is not a new phenomena, especially to the packaging industry. But yes, there are multiple doubts that arise probably in the customers mind about the pricing, the returns and the cosmetic appearance of the box as a whole. Over a period of time, with a wide range of products being made available in the market, packaging too has evolved and boxes are made to suit the product which can fit-to-size. This very idea gave birth to ‘custom packaging’ and here is a list of benefits that it carries.


Advertising & Branding - Absolutely Free!


Every time your customer opens your box…you have already advertised for it! And each time your customer uses and shares the box…you have done your branding! At what cost again? So the more the boxes you sell with your brand logo on it, the more you are spreading your brand, without any added effort. And eventually the box which is out there becomes and extension of the store that you own or the brand that you wish to promote. How about that?


Beautiful Design - Sure to drive interest 


Now all of us, at some point in time…especially the hoarders have kept a nicely designed box to reuse it either for personal or professional use. Agree? A well-designed packaging is known to be one of the key factors to drive the customer to make a purchase of your brand over the rest. Not only does it create familiarity, but it also screams about the fact that a company does care about its product and definitely pays attention to what the company is selling.


Loyalty - Customers will come back


When a customer sees that their product fits exactly the size and shape of the product inside, they will come back ONLY to you for their needs. Putting up surprise content inside the box about the customers brand is one of the ways to strengthen customer loyalty. At we do custom packaging, with logo atop and if the customer needs a little piece of note inside we take care of that as well!


Easy & Less Expensive


Yes, you heard that right, custom packaging is pocket-friendly and contrary to the belief that it might cost double the regular packaging cost - it does not! At the process of customising your box is very simple. All you need to do is send us the design, with your company logo and in a matter of days you’ll have your box delivered to you! How cool is that guys?


So if you are looking to place an order for custom packaging and custom boxes, head straight to

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