Valentines Day Special: Use branding on your packaging to win hearts

Valentines Day Special: Use branding on your packaging to win hearts

Jan 29, 2019Jheel Parekh

With Valentines day approaching closer, all bakers and restaurant owners are looking to market their products in order to ‘fit-in’ with the valentine vibe.  Meanwhile for singles, happily married and those in between the two , the day marks for a lot of gifting, statement making and of course proclamation of love. 

With statistics estimating over a billion cards being sent out worldwide as Valentines day gifts, followed with chocolate boxes, jewellery and flowers, brands are always on the lookout to find novel ways to sell to customers through valentines day. 

Custom Packaging for Gifts

Customised packaging has been the most sought-after idea especially by marketers who wish to tap on to the opportunity by providing unique and personalised packaging concepts. Whether one is looking to write a customised message atop the packaging product, or wish to have their logo highlighting the box, there are various ways for one to start branding through customised packaging. 


Chocolate Boxes

What if chocolate makers opted to have some personalised message, which is generic to the season/day? Not only would this box attract the consumers/buyers, but it would also benefit the chocolate maker. While personalisation brings an element of ‘immediate connect’ with customers, it also helps distinguish from the mass products that are available in the market.

Jewellery Boxes

Presenting jewellery in the stereotypical manner is a thing of passé. Sure the brand of jewellery atop matters, but have you considered a personalised message on the jewellery box? What if one could key in the name of the person it is gifted to? What if there is a quirky message written to highlight what’s in the box? It would take the gifting experience to another level. Think about it. Custom packaging can play a very important role in doing so. 

Paper Bags

Ever thought of encouraging soul mates to protect mother earth, in their own way? For a better future together? Paper bags are the perfect way to take a step towards ‘plastic-free-earth’, as they are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable. What’s more? Most of these bags have huge real-estate for your branding ideas

Whether you are looking to buy paper bags online, chocolate boxes or jewellery boxes online, we at Schmancy can help you with it all. Custom packaging is a great way to provide novel gifts in a unique way. If you are looking for simple packaging needs, you can also log on to and be a little different by mixing and matching the sleeve colour with the base! What’s more? Our packaging complies all the food-packaging regulatory guidelines so you don’t need to worry about your food touching any products which are unsafe for your candies or chocolates or macarons even! 

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