Packaging is but a costume - of your product and for your product

Mar 12, 2019Jheel Parekh

With all the conversations going on particularly with the social media queries for Schmancy page, I realised eventually packaging for all the customers involve three things:

Locking & protecting the product inside

Creating a packaging format that looks as exciting as the product

Creating an experience by playing around with customisation

While the primary role of packaging is prevention from abrasion, delivery, storage (to some extent) the cosmetic purpose is what is defining the customer positioning today. 

Branding is another attribute that goes as a synonym with packaging. 

Our latest enquiry had a customer talk to us more about the placement of logo, prominence of the logo on packaging and designing the packaging based on the logo and not the product. So where are we headed with the primary functionalities which packaging should provide. Should we educate them towards it? Or is this the millennial way of seeing packaging? 


Packaging - 1. Product - 0

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