All the noise about take-away boxes!

All the noise about take-away boxes!

Sep 12, 2018Jheel Parekh

In this day and age of fast-food joints, all you want to do is rush to your destination…with food packed, of course! So whether you are in a mood of being exclusive or lazy and laid-back and are looking to grab something exotic or just a sandwich, these take-away boxes do the job. Take-away boxes also allow you to take advantage of the growing trend of having food-on-the-go.

Now when you think about take away boxes, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Convenience? Easy to carry and dispose? Wastage? Functional cutlery? Yes, these are all the points that come in ones mind, especially if they are looking to buy takeaway boxes.

The take-away market has been booming, especially in the recent past and you can take full advantage of this situation by serving delicious food on these sturdy and environmentally profiled packaging. At Schmancy, our collection gives you everything you need in a convenient and easy-to-carry form.

We can be a passionate partner!

When you choose Schmancy, you get a partner whom you can depend on. You get our rich selection of intelligently designed customisable boxes made from the finest and most eco-conscious materials. At Schmancy you will find a wide range of:

Burger & Sandwich boxes

Meal combo boxes

Noodle boxes

Pizza boxes

Salad boxes

Paper trays

All these boxes are made from 300GSM craft board, are pre-coated and grease resistant…offering consumers with a superior and user-friendly experience. We combine style, hygiene and convenience for those of you wonder what the big deal about packaging is. Packaging plays a huge role in shaping the experience of food. If the packaging is right then it makes cuisine look more appetising. It also helps keep the attention focused on colour, taste and texture.

Besides, boxes from Schmancy are made from eco-conscious materials, allowing you to present your entire branding concept as being sustainable. It is a win-win for the contents within the box and outside as well. So, whether you are restaurant owner or someone who is passionate about delivering food in eco-friendly know we can help you with our complete customisation and branding concepts. Drop in an email to and we would be happy to help!

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