Intelligent packaging for Brand Building

Intelligent packaging for Brand Building

Jul 25, 2018Nikhil Parekh

It sure is easy for one to get hold of a box which is functional enough to solve the immediate purpose of dispatch and delivery, but how many of us actually look out for more than just functionality? Do we care about the branding about products? Are we communicating the right message through our packaging? Are we selling just our product are we taking that additional step to talk about the brand as a whole?

There have been many arguments and debates about the role of packaging and how it serves multiple functions, more that just ‘selling’ of the product! In addition to selling, good packaging also serves the following functions:

Custom Branding and Packaging - Schmancy

Brand Identity

Branding and packaging work in tandem. It is very important for your packaging to build your brand, and your end goal should be for your customer to recognise your brand simply through packaging. Packaging surely varies depending on your target audience. If your product is meant for a younger audience, your packaging too will have vibrant illustrative and bright colours which are more appealing to your segment, while more subtle hues are for your higher-end demographic. Packaging should also complement your logo and company’s message the right way for you to promote your brand.

Communication & Information

Creating awareness and spreading the right message through your packaging is the easiest way to communicate information to your audience. Good packaging makes information easy to find. Good package design should communicate what the product is all about, how different it is from the rest and how it should be used. Minimising confusion on your packaging communication goes a long way in building brand loyalty.

Selling & Promotion

The most important and inevitable functionality of packaging is to sell the product and promote it further. User experience matters the most if your product is on shelf and how easily they get spotted by the consumer. To sell your product, your packaging needs to stand out from the rest of the products on the shelf. You can go ahead and use colours, logo, caption, symbols and so much more to make your packaging look very appealing. The idea of selling is this simple - it should have an emotional connect with your consumer. Once the package is sold, the resell will happen only and only if you have used high-quality packaging material, easy-to-open design, easy-to-store design, compact shape of packaging and creativity in your packaging.

Safety & Protection

Your box could look great and it could have the perfect messaging on it, but what happens when the box is unable to protect the product inside? What if the consumer opens the box only to find a damaged piece inside? It surely will take a toll on the brand as a whole…nullifying all the effort put in for packaging. Your packaging, especially when it comes to consumable goods, should be put through various quality checks before they’re out on shelves. Always remember, the brand might even be shipping these products trusting your packaging and while you could get everything right but if your packaging material tears off, you would be literally crushing your brand!

Schmancy understands that good packaging design needs a lot of creativity, and a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. Schmancy has been an expert in packaging, having their in-house manufacturing unit to ensure there is a streamlined flow of quality checks and design customisation. Shop online today for all your packaging, customisation and branding needs. Schmancy specialises in confectionary boxes, restaurant boxes, wedding and jewellery boxes and so much more!

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