Tiered Cake Boxes - Perfect Home For Your Cake!

Tiered Cake Boxes - Perfect Home For Your Cake!

Mar 27, 2018Jheel Parekh

If anyone says bakers have it easy since they know their ingredients too damn well, then please think again! Of the many bakers who I have met, I have understood one thing – they fear cake being smudged when the customer carries it around! They fear that the box won’t be good enough and when the cake is opened in front of a large crowd, if it is damaged they still will blame the baker and not the box!

The noise behind buying a cake box…

So what’s the big deal of buying a tiered cake box you may ask? Well, firstly these boxes are not regular cake boxes. They are made with a lot of thought in mind. Not just the design perspective, but also the material with which they are made from. You need to be sure that the box and the base are made from food-safe cardboard, only then will it make for a ‘homely’ atmosphere for your cake. Moving on to design - there are 2 tiered boxes, 3 tiered boxes and so on and unlike regular cake boxes, where one can easily open and close the box, these tiered cake boxes are designed to stand like a home. There is an actual door which needs to be opened, then you place your cake and then just the way you close your door, this cake box needs to be closed too! Yes, and once you assemble the door, you move on to the roof to close that as well.

It’s all about snuggling in that tall cake, just right in…

For every baker, finding a box for their cake is like finding a new home. They want to be sure that their cake is safe, snuggled in and stored in a place which is made from food safe material. They sure don’t want to worry about transporting tall stacked cakes to the venues. Here at schmancy a lot of them have found the right box for their tall cakes; sorry I mean a right home. J

Schmancys’ tiered boxes…

There is one too many tiered boxes available on schmancy. in. You can choose from 2-tiered cake box, 3-tiered cake box and more which come with 8 inch base, 12 inch base and even 15 inch base. We have a wide range of sizes for you to choose from, and what’s more we can also customise it for you and have your brand name on the box! We are well aware that for a cake to look attractive great packaging is mandatory and there is no other way around it. So go ahead and log on to schmancy.in and find that perfect tiered cake box to suit your cake. Be rest assured that our boxes will give your cake the right amount of care it needs. J

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