Cupcake, cupcake everywhere, not a box to keep? What a pity!

Cupcake, cupcake everywhere, not a box to keep? What a pity!

Mar 20, 2018Jheel Parekh

All of us have a read a lot of recipes online about how to make cupcakes, haven’t we? But how do we go about storing it the right way? How long do these cupcakes last once they are out of the oven and what should be done to maximise their shelf life. Are they better stored in plastic containers or cardboard boxes? Read on to find answers to these questions.

Protect Those Edges From Drying Out:

Sure, in a perfect world we all want the cupcake to be eaten fresh out of the oven, but sadly that is not possible in the real world. We go to the next best option of storing them in a container and placing them in a refrigerator, but did you know that refrigerating actually dries out the frosting? The edges especially get dry and hard and that is the biggest nightmare for all bakers. The only option that most bakers prefer is storing cupcakes in cardboard box. When buying cupcake boxes, one should always look for holder in the same. This allows the cupcakes to stay still and any form of movement will not damage the cupcake.  Right kind of cardboard material also helps the cupcake stay fresh and moist-free for a long time.


If you are looking for gifting those cupcakes, then sure you do not want to ruin the presentation by placing them in plastic containers! At schmancy you can find a wide range of cupcake boxes, whether you want a box of 6 cupcake holders or 12, we have it all. Not only that, the cupcake boxes have beautiful prints on them and some of them all come with a transparent film on them, allowing you to have a sneak-peek on what’s inside the box. Whether it is a corporate order or just a friendly gift to your neighbours, these designer boxes can be your go to option.


Personalisation, printing the brand on the box is much needed with so much competition going on. Printing them on designer cardboard cupcake boxes will not only look appealing to the buyers but will also stand out among the other regular cupcake containers that you see. At schmancy, you can choose the design and highlight the space you want your brand to be printed on.

Eco-friendly factor:

Now we all know plastic does a lot of damage to the environment, as compared to paper. At schmancy these cupcake boxes are made from high-quality eco-friendly material, which can be reused, recycled and are biodegradable. Munching on a slice of heaven, without damaging the earth did no harm to anyone, did it? J

So if you are looking to store cupcakes in a box, then log onto and choose from a wide range of designs and size that you want. Perfect for branding, gifting and storing, these boxes are sure to be the new home for your cupcakes!

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