3 reasons to pick paper bags – why, how and wow!

3 reasons to pick paper bags – why, how and wow!

Mar 16, 2018Jheel Parekh

Walk around anywhere, be it at malls or supermarkets or step out of a designer brand showroom. What is the one thing that you will notice? Bags, paper bags, paper bags with brands imprinted on them. Yes, it is the new fad and it is going to rule for a long time (we hope so!) So you would ask, what’s the big deal and why this new rush to carry paper bags? Read on to know more about the benefits of eco-friendly paper bags.

Less impact on the environment

While we all know that there are more recycling options with paper bags as they are made from partially recycled fibre, did you know that these decompose faster and easily? Waste paper is biodegradable so they can easily decay and would not pile up on the dumping sites, as they are made from renewable and responsibly-managed sustainable resources, thereby not affecting the land where it decays. Paper bags do not contain harmful chemical that deteriorates our environment.


Branding has been one of the key reasons why many companies have been opting for paper bags over the rest. Not only do paper bags come with amazing designing concepts, but majority of the companies also have a large space to flaunt their brand on their bags. These companies could be apparel brands, supermarkets, jewellery brands or even restaurants! With aesthetic appeal and professional quality, branding on paper bags is sure to appeal and impress the customers. Have a look at any of the bag and you’ll see how well their brand reflects on the bag. Paper bags are generally designed in a box-shape, allowing them to stand upright, thereby making the brand print more prominent.

Retaining Freshness

Paper bags make for a great container for freshly ground food, especially tea, coffee, nuts, cookies, candies and more! You can have a look at the brown paper bags, which are made from eco-friendly paper, helping you to keep the contents fresh and retain the aroma. What’s more? These bags are easy to carry and at schmancy.in you can browse through bags which come with strings and those without strings as well.

Looking for paper bags? Be it branding, carrying it around or helping the environment, paper bags from schmancy.in should be your go to option. From wine bags, brown bags, takeaway bags, cake bags to designer paper bags, schmancy has it all!

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