Eat with your eyes!

Eat with your eyes!

Mar 13, 2018Jheel Parekh

If the heading surprises you, then read on. From across the globe we have heard and read that it is not always what’s on the inside that counts. Packaging plays an important role in perception, preservation and presentation of the products. And since we believe this is true, we also wish to believe that customers eat with their eyes before they enjoy their products. We have listed down various reasons why packaging plays an important role and how it holds an important value to the mind of the buyer.

Market Positioning

It is extremely important to know how the chocolate will look on the shelf and chocolates with unique ingredients should have packaging that is reflective of its value. Chocolate manufacturers are increasingly interested in making a distinguishable packaging piece, especially the premium brands. Marketing of such brands, highlighting the uniqueness of it and making it look premium are all dependent on packaging. If your packaging reflects richness in the design of the box, then it is perceived to be a premium chocolate. And this perception is not just restricted to the Indian market, but globally as well.


Chocolates need to be kept at a constant temperature, less than 20 degree Celsius. This is the norm followed across all industries across the world. Chocolates are sensitive to odour, air, humidity and light, apart from being fragile. And to protect chocolates and preserve them the right way, you need a right kind of box or packaging. Appropriate packaging ensures that there is no damage done to the quality of the chocolates and the ingredients are well preserved in order to give out the flavour, which the maker intended for.


Since chocolates are very fragile and have a small shelf life, those being transported from one city to another or one country to another is a tedious affair in itself more than the selling part. When planning on online delivery and product ordering, one should ensure that their packaging solutions that come in direct contact with the food product is of food grade quality. For the products to not perish and to last long, it is the right kind of packaging that plays the role. Not to forget the bulk orders, wherein the design of packaging plays a bigger role. Sleek, yet accommodative of large number of chocolate pieces is what a number of manufacturers look for.

As has been the rule, chocolate boxes are a delicacy to the eyes and then the chocolate becomes a delicacy to the mouth. So go ahead, log on to and pick the right kind of box for packaging your chocolates, as packaging concepts play a key role in chocolate branding.



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