How to carry your healthy snack…the right way

How to carry your healthy snack…the right way

Feb 19, 2018Jheel Parekh

Zip Lock Pouches

How to carry your healthy snack…the right way

Very often we come across articles on how to snack on healthy food and burn calories the right way, but there are many questions that come along with this statement.

Firstly, how do we organise and maintain the said schedule on a daily basis. Secondly, how do we carry this if we are in a rush to head to office? Thirdly, what if we are travelling? Does travel entail us to cheat on our diet plan? Last but most importantly, how do we keep them fresh once we open the box? Read on to get answers on these questions.

Maintaining a daily schedule: We understand that on a daily basis, same breakfast could be a little too monotonous and not-so-motivating. You could segregate your daily diet as shown in the image above. Monday’s could be for granolas, Tuesdays could be for almonds and figs, Wednesday could be oats and muesli and likewise for Thursday and Friday. This can be easily done by using our “weekly” pouches in which you can store your food, and since these pouches are segregated for a daily basis, you just need to fill them once a week and every morning just grab them and keep moving.

Carrying healthy food to work: We all are in a rush to head to work or to the gym. That last minute rush to find a storage box to stuff your food in is oh-so-tedious and not to forget annoying. These pouches from allow you to carry quickly pack your food in their zip lock pouches, which are quick to open and close and easy to carry to work. They are so well designed that they can be easily slipped into your laptop bag too!

Ditch those boxes and travel light: Maintaining a diet while one is travelling has always been a task and sometimes we end up cheating on our diet plan, leaving ourselves feeling miserable about it all! It’s time for you to lay your hands on these pouches from which are made from eco-friendly material and come with a zip lock closure. This ensures that your food doesn’t fall off from the pouch and with these pouches you are sure to leave aside those large containers, as they are a smart and a practical option for one to travel light.

Keeping your food fresh forever: Sometimes, more often than not we end up buying huge boxes of dry fruits, oats, muesli and we frantically look for some containers to store the food. At we have some alternate and smart options to store your food, keeping them fresh for long. Simply open the pouch and put your food away and zip it up.

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  • Hi, I’m interested in a bulk purchase…. Could you pls quote price, size of pouches and colour options etc. I stay in Delhi… Do you hv a distributor or would you be shipping from bangalore? Are shipping prices extra? Can these be customised with my branding, or a see through pocket? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

    Mansi Kapoor

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