Valentine’s Day treats your kids will love

Valentine’s Day treats your kids will love

Jan 20, 2020Jheel Parekh

This Valentine’s Day make these treats with your kids. They are super fun, easy to make and it sure is worth spending all the time with them. Once you make them, you can get them all packed up in amazing boxes which are sure to be a delight to carry, to open and to gift as well.

Potato Sandwich: Just boil the potato and ask your kid to mash them with their hands. Add in a dash of salt, pepper and rosemary and herbs if you wish to and mix them again. Spread the mix between two slices of bread and toast them if you like. And your kid is all set to eat some healthy self-made healthy sandwich which can be packed in interesting sandwich boxes!

Sandwich Boxes

Biscuit cake: Simply crush the favourite biscuits of your kid and mix it in a bowl along with one cup of milk and sugar as per taste. Add  a tea-spoon of cocoa powder along with some dry-fruits or even choco-chips to this mix and you are almost ready! Take a glass bowl and grease it with butter and pour this mix here. Bake this mix for 15 minutes and you have your biscuit cake ready. Add in more fun by packing these cakes in our wrap style bakery boxes

Cake and Cupcake Boxes

Oat and banana cookies: Mash the ripe bananas, and mix it with coconut oil two spoons and  a cup of oats along with dry-fruits and  a few drops of vanilla essence in a bowl. Place spoonfuls of the cookie mixture onto a greased cookie sheet and bake for 15–20 minutes at 175°C. Once done place them in these food-safe cookie boxes

Cookies and Macaron Boxes

Fruits or berries popsicle:  This one is rather simple and is sure to be a hit among your kids. All you need to do is churn in the favourite fruit of your child into a thick liquid. Pour the mixture into small plastic cups or moulds if you have. Cover them with a foil and insert a popsicle stick into the popsicles through the foil. Let them freeze overnight and next morning they are ready to be served in fun and bright coloured popsicle boxes

Popsicle Boxes

All these treats can be made with easy with your kids and it is sure to make your Valentines Day very interesting. If you are looking to store these treats in special food-safe boxes then you can place your order at We would love to hear more on what kind of boxes go well with your treats.

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