Designing your packaging to get them out of shelves…faster

Designing your packaging to get them out of shelves…faster

Jan 22, 2020Nisha jain

Time to get your products noticed in the store, bit faster than usual. Now it is a dream for every product owner to have their products in the hands of a customer. So what goes into the minds of a customer who is standing at a store? What attracts her to the product that she wishes to buy? With so many brands selling the similar product, how does one decide which one is the best buy? Points to be considered are:

1 The customer is almost always going to go to a brand they have used before.

2 The customer might do research and go to the brand which is highly rated

3 Customer will look for the most attractive packaging and then choose the brand

Lets talk about point in question 3. Packaging plays an important role in a marketing plan for business which helps in selling the product. But what are the parameters one should consider for packaging the right way?

Custom designed packaging

Colour - In product packaging, colour plays a very important role. A customer is always attracted to pick a colour which is unique in the shelf and does not clash with other brands. A lot of thought and evaluation needs to go into selecting the right kind of colour, which also does justice to the product inside. Choosing a colour is a thoughtful process as it is sure to take your brand to another level.

User-friendly and convenient - No-one today has the time to open a package that is complex. Lesser the customer angst, better for the product and eventually for the brand. Today a lot of people tweet or post about their disappointment over packaging. The longer it takes to open a box, the lesser the chance that they would buy.

Labelling - A package should have the right labelling concept. Without a label, no-one will ever know what your package holds - therefore losing interest in the brand itself. If packaging details are provided by the brand it only gets easier for the customer to understand the brand and associate the product with it. Customers are very visual and they associate products only to colours and right kind of words pasted as a label.

Sturdiness for reusability - There are very many customers who look for boxes that are not just attractive but are super sturdy. Security of the product, ease of delivery and ease of carrying are few of the reasons a customer buys a box. More often than not, eco-conscious citizens also buy boxes that they can reuse once they have got the product. Reusability of the box is the biggest criteria for selection a package or box.

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