How to bring your product stories to the table

How to bring your product stories to the table

Feb 03, 2020Nisha jain

Did you know designs have an incredible power to tell stories? Designs on boxes, designs on books, designs on bags - they all have a story to tell and they all mean what they say. Some designs tell stories about the story of the product, while some speak of the environment that we live in. At Schmancy - we believe that story telling should be true to what you own, what you believe in and what inspires you to be what you are.

Designing with Schmancy

Custom Made Bakery Box

Schmancy uses customer persona to create designs that stand for innovation, creativity and designs that brings out great printing quality. The designs are timeless, vibrant and add a sense of belongingness to every product that it wraps. The designs are here to deliver high-quality packaging concepts; ones that resonates with the brand yet stands out from the shelf. These designs create the right kind of opportunities that your brand needs.

Customisation of your product

Custom Made Shoe Care Box

Always, without a doubt, customised products add a sense of respect to customers and help in getting repeat customers. Understanding the requirement of the customer, (preferably first hand) is the key to reaching your goals of customisations. Sometimes, the customer wants a quirky content on their packaging, and other times they want plain vanilla content about their product. At Schmancy, we believe in creating packaging which is true to customer requirement and we provide consultation - for those who just want to launch their products to the market.

Let the product speak, of itself

More often than not, everyone loves to hear the story of what went behind the making of the product. Many leading brands, both nationally and internationally, have the concept of story boxes wherein sellers talk about the story behind the product in the box and matter is printed on the outside of the box - making for an engaging and interactive session for customers. Schmancy, known for its engaging customisation options has many customers who get their stories printed on Schmancy boxes.

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