What kind of packaging are you choosing?

What kind of packaging are you choosing?

Mar 11, 2020Jheel Parekh


So you wanted sustainable packaging but opted for a fancy packaging instead?

So you wanted handmade paper, but went for something less expensive instead?

So you wanted quality for storing your product, but you compromised on the price instead?

If we continuously choose to weigh everything with price, what are we to gain in the long run? If you choose less expensive paper over handmade paper - where do you see the eco-system going? Where do you see the sustainability concept rising if no-one is supporting them? You might be saving a few bucks today, but what about the impression you are creating in the long run? What is it that your customers are talking to you about - the uniqueness and quality that you are using or the cheap and slashed-down pricing that you are giving your products at? What do you want to be known as? The quality and environment conscious citizen? Or are you the person who is a short-term profit seeker? Being a part of the market that sustains has far more benefits than being a part of the market that is built on high-pressure rush of going-out of business. So where do you think you want to be?

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