Luxury Packaging - An Emotion of the brands image

Luxury Packaging - An Emotion of the brands image

Jul 19, 2019Jheel Parekh

Luxury packaging is a niche and specialised market in the packaging industry. While it does look appealing and makes one feel ‘luxurious’, it sure does have a very negative impact on the environment. 

Luxury packaging is often seen as as emotion of a brands image. While this market continues to expand exponentially, it is often driven by high demand in customised packaging for those leading a high-end luxurious lifestyle. If the product is visually appealing, packaged with high-end materials - research show that the consumer is more likely to buy it. 

Contrary to the popular belief that product does the selling and not the packaging, when it comes to luxurious goods, it is the packaging that drives the product to be sold. In turn this creates more customer engagement and this further leads to increased customised packaging options. 

According to sources, the market for luxury packaging is expected to grow by 4.8% in 2019 with the current value being 16$ billion. Don’t be surprised if reports further say that by 2021 the reach will be about 24$ billion. 

While the numbers look too good to be true, and only increasing, the fact remains that luxury packaging can cause the environmental cost to go hitting the rock bottom. Yes, it does have a negative impact on the environment. And how! 

Luxury packaging makes recycling a near impossible task. Luxury packaging materials are usually bonded together, making the materials extremely impossible to recycle. While some of these high-end luxury packaging is used even after the product inside it is used, for instance a wine bottle and such like - more often than not the packaging ends up in landfill. 

Many feel that luxury packaging should be replaced with intelligent packaging - what with the impact it has on the environment. The time should come when the packaging decisions are made by the eco-conscious citizens and not by marketers who are looking to push their brand, even if it means at the cost of the environment. Agree folks? 

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