5 Best Custom Packaging Ideas for Diwali

5 Best Custom Packaging Ideas for Diwali

Sep 20, 2019Jheel Parekh

Diwali - A festival that celebrates light, prosperity and end of evil. Usually celebrated by bursting crackers, this festival of lights has been much a topic of debate as well. What with all the crackers leading to noise pollution, sound pollution and air pollution, Diwali and crackers seem to be going down a narrow memory lane for now. Aware and concerned of the environment, people today are taking conscious decision to celebrate Diwali by not leaving behind any carbon footprints. And since Diwali is also synonymous to gifting, lets not forget gifts too come in eco-friendly boxes as well. Here are a few most liked and gifted items during Diwali:

Dry-fruits: Now everyone knows and has seen the usual dry-fruit box that comes with compartments to segregate the dry-fruits, but what actually catches attention is the design on top of the box. Unique box designs with auspicious colour combinations sure make for an excellent gifting option. And when one opens the box to see dry-fruits in them, well it is going to be a day full of smiles.

Dry fruit box

Sweets/Mithai/ Laddoos: Diwali is not Diwali until there is an exchange of a box of mithai or sweets. Homes are usually filled with Indian sweets and more often than not sweets are delivered from one city to another. One can go for single type of sweets or even a mix a pack which contains many varieties of sweets. If you have the right box then one doesn’t need any accessory to add to the box. Lay your hands on boxes that come with hassle-free delivery options and can hold your sweets for a long time.

Empty Diwali sweet box

Hamper Boxes: If you thought hamper boxes were over rated, think again. These boxes come usually come with sturdy packaging options and have a lot of real-estate, allowing you to even customise your brand or name on top of the box. Diyas, scented candles, incense sticks and what not can you store in these hamper boxes which can be customised and can be made unique to every person whom you wish to show your love, this Diwali.

Diwali Hamper Box

Apparel Box: Now raise your hands who have not gifted or received apparels as gifts during Diwali. If you know the likes and dislikes of your loved ones, then buying the apparel is an easy option and storing them in specific apparel boxes - well we got you covered for that, right?

Apparel Gift Boxes

Decor Bag: Goodie bags with assorted gifts in them have always made one smile. This Diwali do so, but with bags that say Happy Diwali on them. Not only would it make for unique gifting option but if you are looking for corporate gifts and placing items like diaries, envelopes or lamps even, then bags should be the go to option for all!

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