Ikat and Handloom print on packaging boxes

Ikat and Handloom print on packaging boxes

Aug 25, 2020Jheel Parekh

So much noise is being made about Ikat print, about how and why we at Schmancy decided to use handloom prints on our packaging and why did we opt for Ikat to begin with. Well, this year seems to be all about handloom prints what with big fashion houses such as Balenciaga using Ikat print to make an entire collection of cushions and apparel! Clearly, Ikat is not just popular in India - but is doing rounds globally as well. And upon doing our research we learnt how people like to even accessorise their environment with Ikat print boxes, apparel, jewellery and such like.

What is Ikat print?

 Ikat Print

Ikat is a dyeing technique used to create a distinct style of patterns. Technique designed for fabric, Ikat is done by resist dyeing sections of the yarns prior to weaving the fabric. The designs are made with vertical symmetry which result in a similar pattern on the sides. In India, Ikat is seen in three states including Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Gujarat and now Ikat is not limited to traditional outfits but are also used for home-decor and furnishing such as curtains, cushions and carpets even. Many fashion houses have also used Ikat print on bags and shoes as well!

Ikat print on packaging boxes

So when we looked around and saw how beautifully the colour bleeds into the pattern - we unanimously opted for using Ikat on our packaging boxes too! Launching it with our new collections called Rooh - Soul of India, we aim at highlighting our desi handloom prints to be used for the upcoming festive season. In this collection we have introduced a wide range of Indigo Ikat boxes and multicolour Ikat boxes for across all confectionery packaging.

Rooh - Ikat Packaging Boxes

How to use these Ikat boxes?

Whether you are a home baker, a jewelery designer, a soap maker or anyone who loves to package gift items - Ikat boxes are for you! The speciality of Ikat is that it can carry almost all colours and yet will catch the attention of everyone. If you wish to place a cake in the Ikat cake box with window or wish to place fine jewellery in our Ikat sliding box - be assured that Ikat boxes can carry off your content with pride and ease! You can opt to place our boxes on the foyer table with tissues inside to enhance the visual attraction of the area, or place your brownies in the Ikat print brownie boxes on the cafe table - it is sure to get at least one glance from your customer. What’s more? These sturdy sliding boxes can also carry your child’s crayons, pencils and more as they are easy to open, close and carry around.

Brownie and Cupcake Boxes

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