Limited edition packaging for festivals. Wise choice, is it?

Limited edition packaging for festivals. Wise choice, is it?

Aug 28, 2020Jheel Parekh

‘Share a coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola, 'Mars #Believe' campaign by Mars chocolates or 'Lacoste Save our Species' campaign - they all have introduced the limited edition packaging campaigns to their products at some point or the other.  This limited edition packaging creates excitement and exclusivity along with establishing long-term connection with customers. Limited edition packaging design works best when there is a substantial reason to celebrate one off packaging design which could mean - introduction of a new product, a campaign launch or simply to spread festive cheer. We have seen umpteen number of brands do so, and here we want to talk about the benefits of adopting limited edition packaging for festivals too.

Festive Packaging Ideas

Meets the ever-evolving needs of consumer

During every festival, limited edition packaged product is likely to take an advantage over the rest. In order to have a competitive edge and to meet the ever evolving needs of your customers, implementation of limited edition packaging is a good opportunity to bring something unique to the table, creating a different yet interactive brand language and re-introducing your product to the market again.

Brand identity reinforcement

There is no better way to reinforce your brand than with the option of limited edition packaging. If your product is reintroduced to the market with unique or quirky graphics, or interactive labels, or even humorous messages which can touch the pulse of the millennial, your product is surely going to be a hit. This works especially with brands who have a very formal tone of voice, otherwise.

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Increase in engagement and sales

If you are reintroducing your product with a unique packaging it is sure to attract not just the old users but new consumers as well. During the festive season, consumers are on the fence to look for something new, given the spending power that they have for that season. However, if something old is packaged in something fun, interactive and new then you know for sure it will be added to their cart! If you are looking for something ordinary but if you get something festive, at the price of ordinary - you are more likely to pick the festive packaged box, isn’t it?

While running such campaigns has multiple advantages to it, you need to understand that the campaign is timely, mindful and in sync with what your consumers know you as. Only then will your campaign be just as effective as you want it to be. 

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  • Can you please confirm the size, price and moq for this.

  • Can you please confirm the size, price and moq for this.


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