Gender Based Packaging - Packaging for Women

Gender Based Packaging - Packaging for Women

Dec 14, 2021Jheel Parekh

Are you surprised with the term ‘gender based packaging’? Lets delve into packaging for women and lets critically analyse if packaging is really based on gender or is it coined for the market play.

We all know that for centuries women have responded to emotions that are evoked from flowers. Queen Victoria, for instance, used the symbolism of flowers to express her love for her family. Diamonds too have always known to be a girls best friend. Hence, from time immemorial we know that certain products, when ‘packaged’ as gifts have known to activate certain happy hormones and emotions in women.

Fast forward to 2021.

According tot the Egon Zehnder Global Diversity Report 2020, women currently hold 17 percent board positions in corporate India, an increase of 8.6 percent since 2012! Also women make for almost 65% of supermarket visits and purchases, making it extremely difficult for brands to make packaging that can position women. Understandably so. While earlier a woman standing against a graphic of pressure cooker would boost sales - today the situation has changed drastically, and if we must insist - for better. A woman is no longer confined to domestic or household chores and to position a woman as a multi-tasker through packaging only allows for more eyeballs to get rolling.

So are we breaking the stereotype that pink is associated with women and blue with men? Read on. You will be surprised to know the elements that go into packaging which is specifically for women (now that we have the number of women who have spending and decision making power at supermarkets). We did a bit of research via sampling and the one obvious conclusion we reached is - “We need packaging that screams unisex and not just for women. We are done with maternal pictures, we are done with aprons and kitchens…please lets stop such graphics!”

And the other most common remark we heard was - “Why do brands think that women need packaging to look cute?! Why can’t there be a bit more sense and colour and functionality to them?”

So bearing in mind the above remarks, below are a few elements that can be included in packaging for women.

Colour - No pinks please. Today using pinks would only mean one is moving towards making a sexist remark. Choose the colour based on the product but move away from pinks and lavender (unless that is the only option that would suit your product)

Shape - The shape of the packaging has to be functional. Period. Let it come with handles, let it come with secure locking system, let it come in shapes that can be easily accommodated in shelves and cupboards.

Copy - Write powerful lines on the product, as women do read copy. Copies that can translate into a visual language is one of the most powerful strategy to inform and educate.

If you are able to make sure that she is able to recall your brand - well then her friends know it too! Yes, most women tend to share brands with their friends and are most likely to make a purchase for their friends too. So the key is to give her a brand package to fall in love with and she will talk about it for long long hours. And the conclusion is yes, packaging for her segment is vastly different from packaging for him segment.

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