Increase Sales through Shelf Ready Packaging Boxes

Increase Sales through Shelf Ready Packaging Boxes

Dec 20, 2021Jheel Parekh

Did you know that 70% of the purchase decisions are made in-store whilst browsing through the shelves?

(Source - The Economic Times)

So what exactly is shelf-ready packaging (SRP)? Also known as retail-ready packaging - is a form of retail packaging that is designed to create appealing shelf-displays. It could be in terms of size, colour, messaging and more. And once the shelf-visibility is appealing, we know that we are going to proliferate sales! Hence, it is not surprising that SRP is now becoming extremely popular with growing brands across various categories.

Retail Packaging Boxes

So what are the elements that go in to creating shelf-ready boxes? Read on.

1 - Easy to open & close: Well, haven’t we heard of the multiple ways in which we have damaged our products the minute we use a knife, scissors or anything sharp, just to open our box? In order to reduce customer angst and to improve customer experience it is always an intelligent idea to create a box that is easy to open and close. Or at least have enough perforation for easy tearing of the box.

2 -  Easy to recognise: A box comes with ample real-estate allowing you to paint your own brand language on box.  So ensure that all your packaging comes in colours that resonate with your customers and if it is a new brand then use colours that go with the product. Teasing a customers mind, might not be a great idea for all.

3 - Use & Reuse & Refill: Oh how we love boxes that can be reused multiple times. Make packaging so simple, that once we remove/consume the content of the box we use the same box to either refill the same product or even something else for that matter! Not only will this help boost sales, it will surely spread a word about your brand, (faster that any other marketing strategy!)

4 - Optimum protection: Let’s face it, these boxes are to be picked from the shelf and are going to be used for transit, so it is a given that these boxes need optimum protection from external damage. So ensure that the quality of the box is just as good as it should be whilst its on transit. You surely do not want your box to be torn even before it reaches the hands of the customer.

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