Non-Tearable Stickers - A great way to customise your packaging

Non-Tearable Stickers - A great way to customise your packaging

Dec 06, 2021Jheel Parekh

Stickers - one of the most underrated yet most commonly used accessory! Have you ever wanted to customise your product but withdrew the idea owing to budget constraints? We hear you. And believe us, stickers can do a beautiful job in elevating your brand. Read on to know more.

Realise your vision - Can you imagine how incredible it would be if we could print your brand logo or emboss in sheets that are non-tearable and also offer a velvet finish? And you know what else could be incredible? Having them done cost-effectively. Stickers also make for a perfect solution to give your product a premium finish. Stickers often add to the experience of every product you make and deliver - it could be jars, candles or boxes even. These non-tearable stickers can be stuck on any product - helping you create a winning impression.

Custom Stickers

Embossing or Gold Foiling - Whether it is a wedding, jewellery or even a premium looking product, gold foiling or embossing is apt.  What with the finish, colour accuracy and fine cuts, the wedding invites, stickers and more provide a soothing relief and complement the product beautifully. So go ahead, build your brand with this incredible concept of customisation in form of stickers. Opt for stickers with printing and embossing finish and get a sophisticated and discreet look for your product. 

Why one should opt for custom stickers:

Branding in the most affordable manner
Helps you stand from the crowd
Helps build your brand identity
Can be made in any shape and size


Gold Sticker

Please see below comments from few of our customers online who had their stickers customised from us.

“Always been a fan of Schmancy for their boxes and bags but when I tried stickers and I knew there was no turning back. I manufacture candles and sometimes sell them in glass jars as well and these non-tearable stickers stuck beautifully on both glass and candle wax! Thank you Schmancy”

Priya Mathur, Delhi

“I got my cake brand stickers printed in gold foiling from Schmancy and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful my box looked with simple logo sticker. Not to forget the cost at which I got my own brand name printed - priceless (pun intended)”.

Kejal Shah, Ahemdabad

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