Foosball Pizza Box? No way! This should be fun…

Foosball Pizza Box? No way! This should be fun…

Oct 28, 2020Jheel Parekh

Well, so here is something so innovative and fun, and a much-needed breather for the ongoing climate of COVID. When we at Schmancy read about this innovative idea of mini foosball pizza box introduced by Pizza Hut, & we were bowled over. (we say bowled, as we are an Indian company…loyalty still with Cricket :)

In order to welcome the football season in Europe, Pizza Hut created a ‘12th Player Club’ campaign for football fans who are stuck at home due to lockdown. This beautifully executed campaign is created by Ogilvy and is  designed with a fully functional foosball table integrated into the pizza box lid! (Isn’t that the coolest thing of the season!) It also offers ‘an extra slice of football fun’ for fans as they watch the football at home with friends.

Innovative Pizza Box

Rarely but most certainly does packaging create such a roar in the world of advertising that it brings an entire village to talk about it and we at Schmancy are always up to appreciate unique campaigns that promote packaging while entertaining the masses! And this campaign is truly an amazing one.

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