Why rigid boxes make for perfect gifting?

Why rigid boxes make for perfect gifting?

Oct 09, 2020Jheel Parekh

If you log on to Instagram or any social media platform during this festive season, all you see is fancy Diwali gift boxes, hamper boxes with mithai in them or an influencer holding a box or two, promoting the content of the box. But ever wondered why everyone is opting for such fancy packaging to deliver their gifts in? These instagrammable boxes have set us thinking about what should be our next innovation. For now though, we have blissfully obliged to what everyone wants - magnetic flap closure rigid boxes! While at Schmancy we have always had 3-ply corrugated boxes - this is the first time ever we have moved into making rigid magnetic boxes for customers. We certainly have indulged in these boxes, but only for customisation purposes, however this time around they are available on our site for all to own.  Read here to know the benefits of using a rigid box for gifting.


Magnetic Boxes



Undoubtedly, the most efficient and intelligent benefit of rigid boxes is that they are reusable. And that for us is the anthem of making boxes. These boxes can be resealable, allowing them to be used and reused just as many times as you wish. With this feature, consumers and corporate organisations can save money as they can be used conveniently in the future as well. What is more attractive is - reusability only means minimal wastage!

Eco-friendly sturdy Boxes


Oh boy, if we are talking about reusability, over and over again, we all know by now these boxes are durable and how! To begin with they are made from sturdy material which is 2mm kappa board, making them moisture resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Any box that can be used for transportation, is resistant to extreme temperature and is reusable only adds to the efficiency and shelf-life of these boxes. Agree?

Apparel Boxes


Customise these boxes inside out! Yes, you read that right. With boxes so rigid, you have enough real estate to write a personalised note atop the box or have your logo printed on the sides if you wish to be subtle. However, when we say customise the box on the inside, we mean you can store all things personalised inside. Be it candles, cookies, chocolates or even apparel - these boxes can be customised to an extent where every content inside is designed for the one you care for. Don’t believe us? Try this box out and you will know what we mean.

Secure shipping and transportation option:

The most common worry we have heard is from customers who are panicking about wear and tear of their boxes, especially when they deliver items stored in them. The advantage that rigid boxes carry is the very fact that they make for perfect cushioning of items inside. These boxes are perfect for transporting items long distance and since they are non-toxic and come with a smooth, even surface they last long even when they are piled up along side other boxes.

Gift Box Hardboard

You too can shop online for these rigid magnetic closure fancy gift boxes here. To know more about our other Diwali gifting options please read here.

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  • Nowadays, the majority of the population orders food online rather than going to restaurants. So in recent times, packaging has become very important in the food industry. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  • Rigid customised boxes. Minimum order quantity and costs for boxes of size
    6.3 × 8.6 × 3.5
    4.3x 6.7 × 3.5 Inches


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