Why Should One Choose Schmancy Gift Boxes for Christmas

Why Should One Choose Schmancy Gift Boxes for Christmas

Nov 24, 2020Jheel Parekh

Christmas - the season of gifting, the season of holidaying and of course the season of good food, is just a few weeks away! However, this year, given the COVID-19 situation, we at Schmancy Pack have done something special. We have launched our latest Christmas 2020 collection, keeping in mind all the sustainability factors, including waste reduction and use of recyclable paper only to manufacture packaging products. With our increased focus on sustainability, we have ensured that this collection carries a variety of environmental conscious materials. Our eco-conscious customers have not only encouraged this collection, but have also opted to buy boxes from this collection for self as well as for gifting purposes.

Why should one choose Schmancy boxes for gifting this Christmas?

Eco-conscious materials used:

The demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions is increasing, very rapidly. This not only makes us happy, but also pushes us to be a part of the community that is working towards making this planet a better place to live in. The first and foremost reason for eco-conscious citizens to choose our packaging is because of our usage of materials - sustainable, recyclable and environmental friendly! 


Efficient partner:

Having served customers with over 10 million packaging products, we now stand to be one of the most efficient and proven providers of all things packaging. From serving bakery boxes to food-packaging boxes for restaurants and hotels to moving into lifestyle packaging, Schmancy is now another name for packaging in India.


It is extremely easy to customise boxes with Schmancy, as we work on options that suit all budgets and events. Our in-house design team ensures that all the brand guidelines are met and adhered to, while ensuring we meet the existing trend of packaging and design.

Variety in designs and colours:

At Schmancy, there is a wide range of products that one can choose from. For instance, bakery packaging boxes include plum cake boxes, brownie boxes, cake boxes, chocolate boxes and such like. Similarly, all these boxes come with variety of prints and colours that are suited for various occasions and events.

Christmas Boxes

From trendy designs to matching colours to conceptualising packaging design, Schmancy Pack does it all. Time to lay your hands on one of these designs which are sure to set the mood for this festive season.

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