Top 5 Gifting Ideas for Christmas

Top 5 Gifting Ideas for Christmas

Nov 14, 2022Jheel Parekh

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas- the season of gifts, celebrations & holidays, and, your mind is still playing you?! Puzzled? To ease you out from this daunting task, we've listed Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas, 2022 to present in Schmancy Christmas Packaging Collection

#1) Stir A Sweet Story

Christmas is all about “sweet treats''! Have you been planning the 'bake-list' for a long time? In that case, we bring a carefully curated bakery box collection to pack beautiful, traditional Christmas Cakes, classic puddings and so much more. The new plum loaf cake boxes look absolutely trendy with a unique touch of Christmas thematic 'peep-in windows' that makes it perfect for gifting fruity short breads as well. Personalise a sweet hamper box with us to present delightful crunchy pretzels, oozy rum cake balls, gingerbread house, themed cookies, delicate macaroons, or even, different hand-made truffles to share with your dear & loved ones.

#2) Stir a Booze

What's a merriment without a 'fun booze' during the holidays? If you are one of those siblings, best-friends, or family members who enjoy a bottle of good wine or a mild inebriation, then, we have the best wine bags to offer them to your close ones. The bags are colourful & eye-catching with strong strings attached to them to hold the weight of bottles and not allow it to rupture or break!

Wine Bag For Christmas

#3) Stir a Healthy Routine

Aside from food & beverages, we decided to list a winter care kit for skin as the next healthy and ideal present to give the entire family (instead of each one)! You can customise a hamper with our sturdy corrugated boxes or jar hamper boxes to store beauty products, body butter, hand lotions, face wash, hand-made soaps and moisturisers to send your love & care. Furthermore, our gift hamper boxes allow you to add aromatic candles, candle jars, bath bombs to other similar products that help your beloved to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Jar Hamper Gift Boxes

4) Stir An Ecstasy

For toddlers and kids, it's a double ecstasy around Christmas time. And why not! It's a party of the ages that makes way for lots of fun gifts, toys & the best 'jingle bell' hours! Shower your love for the dear little ones and share the exciting 'Secret Santa' gifts in our decorative gift boxes to pack different goodies, small soft toys, holiday colouring party kit, cool craft kits, new wrist band collections, rain boots, apparels, pyjamas, night time stories and so on.

Gift Boxes

5) Stir Generosity

Most importantly, if you are too pressed for time, you can make a quick choice of an adorable custom money/note gift card. Our range of gift card envelopes helps you store money, coins and even gift cards/vouchers to treat your near ones with generosity! You can also showcase & present contemporary handcrafted jewellery, small pendants, bangles, etc. in our selection of boxes.

Whether you consider local gifts, online shopping or on Instagram storefronts, join hands with us to get best packaging solutions. Also, help local bakers, artisans, creators, crafters and many to sell more this season & surprise all the receivers for a special Christmas Gift!

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