Compostable Packaging - Everything You Need To Know About Composting
Nov 11, 2022
Post pandemic, there has been an accelerated importance of packaging for the consumer. Everyone today...
Packaging that does not stress the planet? Join us today to know how you can be a part of this.
Dec 01, 2021
We care about our planet. We love our planet. We reside on it without any...
Food-Grade Packaging and Food-Safety
May 06, 2021
Food-safe boxes is sometimes very loosely used term in the food industry, especially in India....
Looking for Best B2C & B2B Packaging Company In India, Supplying Internationally?
Jan 18, 2021
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Hygienic food packaging take-away boxes during COVID
May 20, 2020
Whether you are a restauranteur or a take-away owner, the only thing that will help you stand out from your competitor is food packaging boxes. At Schmancy, we customise all kinds of food packaging boxes, which are compostable, single-time use and available at all times! Read on to know more about the wide range of boxes that we supply and how we can help you combat this crisis, together.