5 Reasons To Go Back To Letter Writing with Our Letter Boxes

5 Reasons To Go Back To Letter Writing with Our Letter Boxes

Jan 11, 2021Jheel Parekh

Do you remember the last time you wrote something other piece of paper, which is not a signature? When was the last time you wrote something on a tissue paper in a coffee shop and tucked it in your denim pocket? Well, the sad truth is since the advent of emails, texting and technology, all of us have simply moved away from letter writing. While most of us love receiving a handwritten note, there are very few take the effort of writing one! A handwritten message surely can convey message that no email can. In order to bring back the concept of letter writing, which is lost somewhere in middle of world of technology, we have introduced a unique design of boxes called Letter Boxes as a Valentines Day Gift. And here are 5 reasons why you should write a personalised note on our letter boxes.

Valentines Day Gift Boxes

Letter Boxes are yours to own and to gift: These box are personal. These boxes carry your handwriting, your thoughts and your choice of stationery. You can write words which are true to your feelings, thereby revealing a part of you which is certain to melt the heart of the one receiving the box.

Writing on Letter Boxes is not easy: Yes, you read that right…it is certainly not easy to pen down your thoughts on a letter. It is not easy to find the right kind of background and colour. It is not easy to find the right pen and practice your handwriting a million times before writing on the box. And this effort is certainly visible to the person you are sharing this box with and that effort my friend, will be your brownie point!

Letter Boxes are affordable: Well, this is an obvious point but let me elaborate here, apart from being affordable, there is an additional perk - the effort here is far more expensive than any gift you could ever buy. Also, nothing beats personalised letter/words over anything else!

Letter Boxes can be carried everywhere: Yes, you can carry these boxes in your bag, while you travel or even while you are gifting chocolates! The minute you own these boxes you know you have the power to make almost anyone smile…be it your help, your parents or your loved ones! Simply place your chocolates or mithai and write a note on this box and gift it to the person you wish to say something to.

Letter Boxes can be re-read: If you have written a unique note on the box, then you would rather have the person read it over and over again only to go through that emotion all over again. And, there is something about reading old love letter, handwritten messages and smiling at them all! Agree, folks?

Still confused about what to gift your Valentine on Valentines Day, well, we have the perfect Valentines Day gift boxes, both for him and for here listed here! Shop the collection today before we enter Valentines Day! 

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