2020 - Quick Recap of our new launches and packaging!

2020 - Quick Recap of our new launches and packaging!

Dec 31, 2020Rassik Fareed

As the year finally (we say this as we insist) comes to an end, here is a synopsis on how this year turned out for us with packaging new designs and how it made us cry, smile and spread happiness - all at the same time! This year saw us make the maximum number of launches, having covered most of Indian festivals and celebrations. Read on to know more.

February: Valentines Day collection was a super hit, with our heart printed boxes painting the town red in its own little way! We had customers talking to us about how they used our chocolate boxes with hearts to write their own message and spread love the ‘food way’.

March: Women's Day collection was our one-of-a-kind launch. We designed boxes in elements we had never explored before and we made them as when customers wanted them! Our boxes spoke of 4 main elements that should always be associated with a woman - Swatantra (freedom), Roshni (light), Man (mother) and Taakat (strenght). With people from across the globe placing orders from us, we were more than elated to have launched this made-to-order collection.

Womens Day Collection

June: Desi Collection was launched in the month of June. With this collection, we once again emphasised that we stand true for all things Desi, all things Indian and we did our best to ensure that we spread happiness with bright coloured boxes. We hope you have loved this collection as much as we have loved making it!

July: Rakshabandhan Collection (The sibling love collection). Again, one-of-a-kind unique and made-to-order collection was a surprisingly huge hit with all siblings. We introduced the #dekhbhai and #dekhbehen collection which was designed in a way where the boxes would allow people to showcase their creativity in a unique way. We also did amazing contests which highlighted quirky messages that siblings can write for each other, and we were amazed at the amount of love you guys showed towards the box and in-turn with us!

Rakshabandhan Boxes

August: Rooh, Soul of India collection. A blockbuster hit, if we can say, Rooh collection was inspired to celebrate Indian culture, ethnicity and uniqueness. Dominated by Ikat print, the auspicious colours that are used on days of celebration had all been thoughtfully included in our Rooh collection.

Rooh Collection

September: Diwali collection. The most awaited collection of year and the most sought-after collection for us has always been Diwali! A grand mix of 2019 and new launch of designs made this collection a super hit for us all.

Diwali Collection

November: Christmas Collection - a collection that was unique, and first time for us all (pssstt..rumours have it that a lot of people were ‘inspired’ by our Christmas Tree window cut ;)! We launched several new designs including our super hit mistletoe window cut boxes and Christmas running print wine bags too! This collection truly made us 'trend-setters'! 

And to sum it up, here is to an end of a roller-coaster ride, part of it went smooth and part of it went rough but all-in-all an incredible journey towards learning, packaging and manufacturing and above all - towards meeting customer satisfaction! Thank you all for this journey of being with us together and here is to looking forward to a brighter 2021. Happy New Year folks!

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  • Innovate way of of packaging and appropriate depiction of season. Good way and good luck for the coming season too…


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