Rs. 525.00

Zip Lock Pouch

Box Size: 400-750grams
Colour/Design: Red

Rs. 525.00

Laminated Inside to protect against oil seepage
Can be resealed with zip lock

This can hold approx 500 grams powder
Perfect for Cookies, Spices, Assorted Chocolates, Tea, Coffee and more.

*The volume varies/depends on the content of the product inside.

Used for:
Cookies, Macarons, assorted chocolates
Can also be used teas, coffee, masalas.


Size in CM: 15x22 cmÂ
Environment Friendly: We use recycled, food grade paper, plastic and inks
Shipping: Ships within 3 days
Sold in packs of 50
Made in India
Picture is for illustrative purposes only, slight variation in colour may be possible.