QR Code - An Important Element in Smart Packaging

QR Code - An Important Element in Smart Packaging

Aug 04, 2022Jheel Parekh

If you look around, you will see that almost all leading brands from Coca-cola to Amazon to Nike have all incorporated QR codes into their packaging. So what is QR code and why is everyone integrating the same into packaging? Read on. 

Role of QR codes in packaging

QR codes have revolutionised how a consumer interacts with a brand. QR codes help reinforce credibility and trust in a brand, thereby witnessing a massive surge in sales and improved ROI. With the rise in usage of smart phones, and integration of QR code readers, it is bound to become the most important element in smart packaging.

Interaction with QR code

Wish to feed in an important feature about the product? Want to highlight just the price of the product? Simply feed in the data and once your consumer scans through the code they will get the precise information of the data that has been fed in! Yes, QR code packaging will communicate with the consumer about the relevant product features, how to use it and so much more. QR code plays a very important role in the customers journey with the product.

According to data shared by Mintel, APAC region between 2014-2018 witnessed an increase of 83% in the usage of QR Codes attributing to the large-scale usage and benefits of QR Codes on smart packaging. 

What can one know with QR code?

Price of the product

Origin and manufacturing details of the product

Contact Us information

Buying guide or How-to guide

Loyalty programs

Link to videos and other URLs

Almost anything you wish for your customer to know

Measure who has scanned your QR code!

Yes, you heard  that right. While QR codes are beneficial for your consumer, you as a manufacturer can easily track the the number of users who have used your scan. QR Code performance tracking is a quantitative measurement and displays location and time of the scan and also the device used to scan the QR Code.

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