Packaging for Pet Food - What’s Trending?

Packaging for Pet Food - What’s Trending?

Jul 17, 2020Jheel Parekh

We all know that the pet food industry has only grown since the past two decades. There has been too much information and education regarding pet food consumption - right from meal options for pets to choice of protein, meal-enhancing food and such like. Our furry friends now have a taste that is not compromisable. 

What is the role of pet food companies amidst so much of a demand? What is the thing that pet food companies think about the most? Well, how to inform pet owners that their food has everything that their pet needs, right? And the first way to penetrate into a customers mind is by investing  in the right kind of pet food packaging.

Elimination of artificial colours and flavours and usage of earthy and biodegradable elements in packaging are just one of the many features that go into eco-friendly pet food packaging. Today, pet owners are very conscious about reducing environmental paw print and they are opting for recyclable and bio-degradable food boxes for their pets as well.

Trends to reduce the environmental paw print!

Reduce carbon footprint

With intelligent packaging solutions being introduced in the market, more and more eco-conscious people are opting for pet food which comes in sustainable and biodegradable boxes only. Without compromising on the look, feel and design of the package, biodegradable and eco-friendly boxes can be manufactured by reducing carbon emission to a large extent.

Zip-lock bags and pouches

For every pet owner, fresh food for their pets is one of the top priorities and hence they look for packaging that does not need to one to pour food in another container. It is less hassle and more functional if the bag or the box that has pet food comes with a resealable option such a zip lock pouches. So once the food for the portion is served, the owner needs to simply zip the bag up!

Toxin-free packaging

Most pet owners are always worried about what is going inside the mouth of their pet. When it comes to the livelihood of their pets most pet parents are ready to take any step to keep their pets safe, healthy and happy.  Toxin-free packaging is apt for food, for pet shampoos and everything that is associated with the wellness of the pet.

Brands that talk content

All brands that scream the content which talks about the nutrition on the package itself is one of the best branding solution for pet packaging. Most pet food companies are opting for stand up pouches owing to the larger real-estate for branding. This kind of packaging allows companies to highlight their seals and logos.

Pet food packaging

What do you think should a pert food packaging comprise? Are you a pet owner? What are your requirement? Do let us know and we could incorporate those in our next blogpost.

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