5 Indian Chocolate Brands & Their Packaging

5 Indian Chocolate Brands & Their Packaging

Feb 11, 2022Jheel Parekh

Ever heard of sweet-tooth for packaging? Many artists and brands across the globe have started painting a very underrated chocolate bar into a chocolate box - which one must own if they wish to survive their sweet craving! Yes, it might be a marketing copy but unique ingredients and indulgent packaging has always caught the eye-balls of customers. Let’s look at the 5 Indian chocolate packaging brands, their packaging design and what element of packaging has worked for them.

  1. Mason & Co. - Looking for some vegan chocolate bars? Well, head no further than Mason & Co. who makes all of their chocolates from bean to bar from their factory in Auroville. If you look into their chocolate bar packaging you can see bold and vibrant screen print on Kraft board boxes - offering a rustic and vintage look. With a beautiful finish and velvety pop of colour (depicting the flavour) contrasted with the mellow browns of compostable craft paper - these packaging bars have made their chocolates a bit more special.
  2. Amul Chocolate - A few years back Amul Chocolates was ranked as a top performer brand by Consumer Voice, leaving behind Cadbury Dairy Milk, Lindt Lindor and even Hersheys. Amul has been making chocolates since 1970s and since mastering the art of branding and packaging. When it comes to chocolates, Amul Chocolate Bar packaging has been environmental friendly, and their product is a box like packaging - offering better user-experience. Multiple flavours, bright colours and fine smooth finish makes for their attractive packaging. They also often introduce festive range of packaging - with their design theme being reflective of the festival being celebrated!
  3. All Things Chocolate - If you are looking for a luxury Belgian chocolate with a local finish, All Things Chocolate should be your go to ‘Indian’ option. Each packaging bar is reflective of the unique theme that they introduce and every wrapper is different in terms of their graphic style.
  4. Soklet Chocolate - A very interesting line of packaging - Soklet chocolate bars design have drawn their inspiration from Kanjivaram sarees, what with the rich black background and gold defining borders. This form of packaging design gives an elegant yet subtle look, which is true to its brands language - minimalistic and elegant!
  5. Pascati Chocolates - Pascati started as a small chocolate venture and went on to become India’s first-ever Organic and Fair Trade chocolate brand. These fine chocolates come in cardboard packaging, completed with a metallic gold foil finish! Do not miss their wrapping paper which come with a geometric design, highlighted in gold print!

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